Antigua-The Wedding

This is the MAIN page that provides links to other pages of the Antigua wedding. Note: I changed the order of a few things below.

If you like any of the pictures, feel free save them to your computer. Position your mouse over the picture you want and then RIGHT CLICK. A "dialog box" will appear on your screen. Choose the Save option and save the picture to your documents or wherever you want. If you'd prefer a high-resolution version of any pictures (better for making prints), just e-mail me and I'll send you whatever you like.

I would encourage you to send the web address of this page to any other family or friends who may not have seen it.

For reasons of privacy, I've left off names and other info about people on these pages......we all know who we are anyway! ;) .

The pictures are not arranged in an organized fashion.....they're more "random". We tried to get photos and group shots of everyone, but I'm sure we didn't get perfect results and may have missed some good photos.

The good news is that there were about 10 other folks taking photos, so if you're still looking for that *perfect* picture, ask some of the others.....with that many cameras, you're bound to find a good photo somewhere.

We have a "master CD" with ALL our pictures and video on it (including many that are not on these webpages). I'll try to send it out to everyone (e-mail me your address if you want to be sure to get it). There are additional photos on the CD that are not on this site.

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~PHOTOS~FIRST PAGE of Antigua wedding photos


~PHOTOS~SECOND PAGE of Antigua wedding photos


~PHOTOS~THIRD PAGE of Antigua wedding photos


~PHOTOS~FOURTH PAGE of Antigua wedding photos


~VIDEO~The wedding ceremony.

This one (above) is a somewhat low-resolution version. I have a much better version taken from a different camera. But it is too long to post on Youtube. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to "edit it down" or break in into two parts. Check back later to see which way I've decided. Either way, I'll be sure to put the better Video on the CD that I'm creating.


~VIDEO~Dancing after the ceremony.


~VIDEO~Reese dancing plus other stuff.


~VIDEO~ Driving plus still photos in Antigua

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~Nial's Recent Motorsports Stuff~.


~Early Motorsports Photos~.