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Note: I am sending this link out via the VRG Yahoo mailing list. If you know anyone who is not on that list, but would like to see this, please forward this link to them.

Great thanks to Ashely Thomas for assisting with collecting some of the in-car videos and for providing some of the photos in the Carousel area plus other shots. Much appreciated!


IN-CAR VIDEO-"Mixed Tape" from 7 different race cars.

IN-CAR VIDEO-Nial McCabe-Spridget-short Thursday session

IN-CAR VIDEO-Nial McCabe-Spridget-Group 4-Friday

IN-CAR VIDEO-Nial McCabe-Spridget-Group 4

IN-CAR VIDEO-Nial McCabe-Spridget-Group 4 with F-Vees.

IN-CAR VIDEO-Nial McCabe-Spridget-Group 4-mostly chasing Ron Novrit.

IN-CAR VIDEO-Nial McCabe-Spridget-Group 4-Sunday



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Here's the results of my weekend. The motor was tired with 12 weekends on it, so I was planning on refreshing in anyway. Pulled it apart the day after I got home: blew a headgasket at center fire-ring (90 psi compression in #2 and #3). Cracked a few rings. Scuffed at least one piston. Rod bearings completley worn out. Bores and crank journals are still serviceable. Four new pistons, rod bearings set, etc. are on the way. Will be running for Thompson.



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