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At New Jersey Motorsports Park-Sept 18-20, 2009


If you missed this one, you missed a great one! LOTS of track time, excellent racing and beautiful weather. Great Thanks to the NJMP staff, flaggers/F&C folks, track workers, timing & scoring, registration, tech inspection, general volunteers and emergency service personnel. Great Job!


New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville is a great facilty with two neat tracks (plus karting!). Two thumbs up for NJ's excellent road course facilty.


There are A LOT of pictures below (and they are in no particular order). In some cases, your computer may "time out" and the last number of pictures will only appear as "red Xs". If that happens press the "F5" key on your keyboard (or use the "Refresh" button at the top of the screen). Depending on your connection speed, you may have to do this several times before all the pictures "load" onto this page. I wish I had gotten more action pictures of all the race groups....unfortunately, prepping my own car between sessions keeps me fairly busy.


Note: I am sending this link out via the VRG Yahoo mailing list. If you know anyone who is not on that list, but would like to see this, please forward this link to them. Also, if you or anyone you know has Youtube In-Car Videos of the event, please send me the link to those videos and I'll be happy to include them below (with appropriate credit).


Click Here for IN-CARVIDEO-Group 2 Practice Session #1

Click Here for IN-CAR VIDEO-Group 2 Practice Session #2

Click Here for IN-CAR VIDEO-Group 2 Race Part 1

Click Here for IN-CAR VIDEO-Group 2 Race Part 2



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All Photos / Linda and Nial


Patina! Seen at our hotel in Millville. A '28 all-original Buick. Couldn't resist including it.

The Ferrari Owners Club came over and did a parade lap during our lunch break. Rolling artwork!

Millville actually has an old mill. Here it is.

"Smoke escaped" from my wires. ;)Otherwise, no great damage. Big Thanks to Emergancy Services!

Note: In a post-analysis, it appears my single rear stainless-steel, braided brake hose was apparently rubbing against a battery wire (the battery is mounted just in front of the rear axle....and it's been like this for 7+ years). I should have used a cheap rubber-covered brake good deed goes unpunished. I realized there was a problem when my brake pedal went soft on the pace lap. Then I saw the smoke in my rear view mirror as we approached the Start. I couldn't pit-in at the Start (I was on the left side of the setup) so I pulled onto the left side of the main straight.

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