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Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix at Schenley Park-2014


This page contains "People Pictures" from the 2014 Schenley Park PVGP. This page also includes links to videos, links to on-track photos and links to paddock photos of cars at the PVGP .


Linda and I tried to shoot as many cars as we could, but mostly focused on the small bore cars. To see photos from all classes visit Bill Stoler's photo page at



Video Links (below) - For a bigger view of a video, click the small "frame" icon at the lower right of that video and this will increase its size. Hit the "ESC" key to return to normal size.-NPMcC




-PVGP-Schenley Park 2014- Last Session on Sunday (front camera).

-PVGP-Schenley Park 2014-A mix of sessions (front camera).

-PVGP-Schenley Park 2014-A mix of sessions (rear camera).


Great thanks to all the volunteers and workers from VRG, the PVGP Foundation, the city of Pittsburgh, emergency services workers, etc. We couldn't have done it without you!




To view photos of people at the event, scroll down.



The Vintage Racer Group (VRG)

The Mission of VRG is to promote the active use of vintage and historic sports and racing cars, in a format that emphasizes safety and enjoyment for all participants.


Nial McCabe's Race Event Photos and Videos back to about 2006 (mostly VRG).