Vintage Racer Group (VRG) At Watkins Glen


Oct 2008


Sanctioning Organization: The Vintage Racer Group (VRG).

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Photos/Videos-Nial and Linda

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Gorgeous Fall Colours, Perfect Weather And Great Racing!


The video (below) was taken from Spridget #909 using a "Flip Video" solid state camcorder. Please ignore the sputtering, farty misfiring sounds from my engine (or turn down the volume). The car soldiered on, but the hamster under the bonnet needs a little R&R.

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Fall colours and classic Lotii...Excellent!

Classic, speedy little lawn darts had a great race.

The was two of these in attendance. I used to have one. I always think of "T.H.E. Saint" when I see these.

Bob G. running the drivers meeting.

Maybe pulling in for a few liters of Benzina?

Look! A '41 Ford racing an MG!....just kidding! ;)

I used to have a red "sports tractor" like this. Great car! Could a car look *more* like a bulldog? (or Winston Churchill?)

Wow..."The Shape of Things to Come" is now *vintage* (do you remember that commercial?).

The Bus Stop

Fixing a fake headlight.

Unfortunately, the blue one "ate" a lifter.

Adding some "Four Star".

The owner told me he'd built this car in '67 and has owned it three times! Ford engine and a bunch of mix-and-match parts. Neat!

Cold at night. We don't have to scrape ice off the glass in NJ in October.

Now *this* is the way a car should look!

Classic American Iron.

My car's siblings.

I own a "modern", U.S. built, fwd Escort Twin Cam (NASA racer), so it was neat to see this.

Later in the day this car killed a ring and pinion. My car did the same thing at the PVGP / BeaveRun event.

RaceChair at speed.

#909 Pit Crew / Cheering Squad.

Bob's "office".

Loading up to go home.

Heading out of Gate #2 around 4:30 PM.

That's Seneca Lake in the distance as we head down the hill to the village.


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