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VRG at Whiskey Hill Raceway-2015




Great Thanks to all the good folks at Vintage Racer Group (VRG). Plus, my fellow racers.....and especially the flaggers/F&C folks, track workers, timing & scoring, general volunteers and emergency service personnel. Great Job!

Note: I am sending this link out via the VRG Yahoo mailing list and the VRG Forum. If you know anyone else who may be interested, please forward this link to them.


IN-CAR VIDEO-Small Bore #1

IN-CAR VIDEO-Small Bore #2

IN-CAR VIDEO-Small Bore-#3

IN-CAR VIDEO-Small Bore #4 (music)

IN-CAR VIDEO-Small Bore - #5 (music)

IN-CAR VIDEO-Small Bore- #6 (music)

IN-CAR VIDEO-Small Bore #7 (music)



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The Mission of VRG is to promote the active use of vintage and historic sports and racing cars, in a format that emphasizes safety and enjoyment for all participants.


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